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Experimental Analysis of Cu Nano fluids in Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger

Author : A.L. Sriram Sudan 1 R. Magendra Varma 2 S.Induja 3

Date of Publication :6th April 2017

Abstract: Heat transfer in industrial sectors plays a phenomenal role, if the heat transfer enhancement is more which will increase the performance and life span of heat transfer devices. In fluid case the transfer of heat will done by convection process. This work presents an experimental study on the heat transfer of CuO /water Nano fluid flowing through the shell and tube heat exchangers under laminar flow conditions. Effects of important parameters such as hot and cold mass flow rates, temperature, Nano fluid temperature, Nano fluids mass flow rates and Nano fluid concentration on the heat transfer characteristics are investigated in fabricated shell and tube heat exchanger. The results outcome explains the heat transfer of Nano fluids in the exchanger produces the higher value than those of distilled water

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