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Seismic Evaluation of Reinforced Concrete Frame Structure based on Zone and Soil Type

Author : Mr. Akshay P. Randiwe 1 Mr.S.V. Rayadu 2

Date of Publication :9th March 2017

Abstract: Analysis of reinforced concrete structure is very essential in civil engineering structures. As the advancement in various fields, various software and advance technique are used in analysis and design of RCC buildings. The aim of structural design is to design a structure so that it suffices its intended purpose during its intended lifetime with adequate safety (in terms of strength, stability and structural integrity) and economy. For the analysis of structure various load cases are considered. Such as dead load, live load, earthquake load, wind load. The analysis results depend on the load combinations. In olden age, most of the structure are analysed for gravity loads such as dead load and live load and designed based on the results obtained. Since last decades India is subjected to many earthquake shocks varies for small to moderates. To check the effect of change in soil type and the zone, the seismic analysis is carried out. Analysis results are presented in this paper which shows the variation in lateral forces on structure is depending on the zone & soil type

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