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Seismic Behaviour of the Structure with Re-Entrant Corner Column

Author : N.W.Mankar 1 Prof. Dr.A.M.Pande 2

Date of Publication :17th March 2017

Abstract: In the event of an earthquake, people can be evacuated safely before the building collapses. Major causalities in the earthquakes around the world are due to the structural collapses, majorly structural collapse are due to irregularities in the buildings and due to the architectural complexities, In the present work, it is focused to study the seismic behavior of reinforced concrete structures with plan irregularities, as re-entrant corners for G+5, G+10 & G+15 storied buildings by considering T Shape buildings as a complete building. This study summarizes the effect of Seismic forces on column at re-entrant corners of the building. The building is analyzed as a complete building and separated in it three parts. There is a need to design such a column around 200% to 400% increase in torsion as per case.

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