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Review Paper –Effect of Calcite and Fly Ash on Self-Compacting Concrete in Fresh and Hardened State

Author : Nayanatara T. Dhokpande 1 Asim Ejaz Sheikh 2 Akshay J. Pawar 3 Dr. A. M. Badar 4 Mr. S. R. Satone 5

Date of Publication :16th March 2017

Abstract: Self-compacting Concrete (SCC) is special type of concrete that rapidly spread into congested place such as congested reinforcement. Huge sections of concrete can be easily placed using SCC. Problems such as noise pollution on the worksite that is induced by vibration of concrete is drastically reduced by SCC and the number of workers required at the construction site are reduced. In recent years the usage of SCC raised swiftly. The objective of this paper is to develop SCC mixes with different filling material (calcite) and mineral admixture (fly ash).Slump flow, V-funnel time and L-box blocking ratio are the self compacting properties to be included. Also the mechanical properties such as compressive strength, splitting tensile strength is included.

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