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Modeling the Behavior of RCC Building Subjected to Lateral Loads Using Neural Network

Author : Dr. N. R. Dhamge 1 Dr. V. Varghese 2 Mr. S. P. Tembhurkar 3

Date of Publication :23rd March 2017

Abstract: It is essential to consider the effects of lateral loads induced from winds in the design of reinforced concrete structures. The analytical behavior of the multi-storey RCC structure subjected to wind forces is studied using STAADPRO. Furthermore, the results obtained from software are used in training the neural network. An artificial neural network is prepared for studying analytical behavior of a multi-story building in response to the wind to determine the approximate values of axial forces, shear forces, torsion and bending moments. In addition, the lateral displacements of floors are calculated as they are required information for designing a building. The effective forces in different floors are obtained by the presented method with a high degree of accuracy for controlling the structur

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