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Shear Bond Strength of Composite Slab: Comparison of Different Codes and Experimental Data

Author : Parshva Shah 1 A Y Vyavahare 2

Date of Publication :22nd March 2017

Abstract: In modern construction industry fast and economical construction is an essential requirement. Composite slab, in which profile deck acts as a permanent formwork during construction and as a tensile reinforcement after setting of concrete, satisfies both of these requirements. Still due to lack of particular standard for designing of composite slab, its usage is limited in India. Behavior of composite slab mainly depends on shear bond between profile deck and concrete, but from past research it was found that shear bond is the most critical type of failure in composite slab. So to understand it, various provisions for calculating shear bond strength from the different codes (ANSI/SDI C-2011, EN 1994-1-1 (2004), Hongkong(2011)) have been studied and their results are compared with experimental data taken from the past literature.

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