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Vibration Control using Tuned Mass Damper

Author : P. Gwalani 1 O. R. Jaiswal 2

Date of Publication :22nd March 2017

Abstract: Structures suffer excessive level of vibrations under the action of wind and earthquake loads, leading to structural failure. To ensure proper functioning of structures, vibration control devices are used. Tuned mass damper (TMD) is one such device, considered effective to control undesirable response of structure. The effectiveness of TMD is governed by proper tuning of its mass, damping and frequency. The present study comprises of two parts. The first part is an overview on the behavior of TMD and its application in wind and earthquake engineering. The second part discusses the effectiveness of elastoplastic TMD in seismic response reduction. The effect of yield level of TMD is studied for elastic main system. The resulting nonlinear equations of motion are solved numerically

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