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Study of Base Isolation Technique for Design of Earthquake Resistant Structures

Author : Prachi Mishra 1 Priti Shridhar Tagde 2 Yamini Narendra Deshmukh 3

Date of Publication :14th March 2017

Abstract: Conventional seismic design attempts to make buildings that do not collapse under strong earthquake shaking, but may sustain damage to non-structural elements and to some structural members in the building. Non-structural components may consist of furniture, equipment, partitions, curtain wall systems, piping, electrical equipment and many other items. There are mainly three main categories: architectural components, mechanical and electrical equipments, and building contents. This may render the building non-functional after the earthquake, which may be problematic in some structures, like hospitals, which need to remain functional during the earthquake. Non-structural components are sensitive to large floor accelerations, velocities, and displacements. When a building is subjected to an earthquake ground motion, the building induces motion, resulting in floor accelerations higher than the ground acceleration. Hence, it is present need and also a duty of civil engineers to innovate earthquake resisting design approach to reduce such type of structural damages. Special techniques are required to design buildings such that they remain practically undamaged even in a severe earthquake. The idea behind base isolation is to detach (isolate) the building from the ground in such a way that earthquake motions are not transmitted up through the building, or at least greatly reduced.

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