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Call For Paper : Vol 11, Issue 05, May 2024
Mechanical Rebar Coupler: Alternative to Lap Splices

Author : Prof. S. N. Harinkhede 1 Dr. Valsson Varghese. 2

Date of Publication :22nd March 2017

Abstract: Lap splicing is the conventional method for connecting the steel reinforcing bars since many years. Splicing the steel reinforcing bars by lapping or welding have various imperfections such as inadequate length of laps, low quality welds, increase in labour cost, failure in joints, etc. To overcome the problems stated above new techniques for splicing steel reinforcing bars has come into practice. Present study is focused on investigation of new techniques for splicing steel reinforcing bars. The use and applicability of reinforcement couplers as an alternative to lap splices would overcome reinforcement congestion problem and increase strength of structure. It was found that the use of reinforcement couplers significantly reduces the consumption of both reinforcing steel and construction time. It also increases the overall reliability of reinforcement splices. Couplers not only provide strength to joints but also prove to economic means of connections of two bars. The objective of our study is to investigate for new techniques in mechanical rebar coupler over the present couplers as an alternative to lap splices. The paper presents performance of mechanical splices as an alternative to lap splices along with experimental test results and the types of failure observed

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