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Experimental View of Macro and Micro Hybrid Fibre on Strength of Concrete

Author : N. Y. Barve 1 Prof. R. D. Shambharkar 2

Date of Publication :15th March 2017

Abstract: Fibre reinforcement is commonly used to provide toughness and ductility to brittle cementations matrices. Reinforcement of concrete with a individual type of fibre may improve the desired properties to a limited level. A composite is termed as hybrid, if two or more types of fibres are combined to produce a composite that derives benefits from each of the individual fibres and exhibits the properties of all the fibres in concrete. The work carried out for study of the, behaviour of Steel fibre with micro synthetic fibre and macro-synthetic fibres with micro-synthetic fibres to improve the tensile behaviour of fibre reinforced concrete, such that this can be used for the maximum tensile and compressive behaviour of Hybrid fibre reinforced concrete

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