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Potential of Industrial Waste to Manufacture Brick and Ceramic Products- A Review

Author : Ratan Adhikari 1 Ashok K. Sahani 2 Amiya K. Samanta 3

Date of Publication :22nd March 2017

Abstract: This paper analyses the significant scientific publications worldwide concerning ceramic products and brick manufactured with various industrial wastes added to the ceramic raw material for the improvement of properties and for eco-friendly disposal. Utilization of industrial waste in production of bricks can be divided into three methods: firing, cementing and geo polymerization. The authors have reviewed works with a focus on the firing method in which industrial solid waste have been added with basic raw materials for the purpose of manufacturing clay ceramics. The publications reviewed in this paper are grouped into two categories, the first category contains the publications in which work has been done to manufacture acid resistant bricks using industrial wastes and the second category contains the publications working with industrial waste to manufacture fired bricks and other ceramic products. The ceramic mixture compositions, molding and firing conditions, final strength, water absorption and other parameters of the final ceramic samples are described and highlighted here. The study reveals that there is good scope of utilizing industrial waste for the sake of manufacturing clay ceramic products and bricks for the next few decades.

Reference :

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