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Seismic Pounding of Multistorey R.C. Framed Buildings

Author : Rohit Ravva 1 Suhasini Madhekar 2

Date of Publication :16th March 2017

Abstract: Pounding refers to collision of structures which occurs during earthquake when structures have different dynamic characteristics. In dense urban areas, the potential for closely spaced buildings to pound against each other exists. Pounding has also been observed between bridge components. The present work is focused on building pounding. Pounding has caused severe damage and even instant collapses in past earthquakes. Pounding forces are not accounted for in conventional design process and these can be several times greater than the seismic action effects anticipated by building codes. In the present work, the pounding phenomenon has been thoroughly studied. The factors affecting pounding such as separation distance, characteristics of earthquake ground motion, type of pounding namely, slab to slab pounding and mid column pounding have been investigated. The 12 storey and 8 storey buildings having symmetrical plan dimensions have been considered for pounding study. For analysis, the finite element software SAP2000 has been used and for impact force simulation the linear spring gap element is used. It was observed that, the member forces increased due to pounding. The axial force and bending moment were marginally on higher side in case of mid column pounding. However, the shear force was tremendously increased due to mid column pounding effect. The pounding forces in case of mid column pounding were observed to be less than the slab to slab pounding forces.

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