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Review on Steel Beams with Web Openings

Author : Rujuta Bhat 1 L.M.Gupt 2

Date of Publication :8th March 2017

Abstract: Modern multi-storey buildings have limitations in floor height because of economic concerns and architectural considerations. Utilities like air ducts, water pipes, etc. require a large space thus compromising the headroom. Steel beams having openings in web are found to be very effective in providing for the loss of this headroom. Lately, the structural designers have been providing such beams to accommodate building services within the construction height as it reduces material volume without affecting strength of the structure or serviceability requirements. According to research, there is a tendency to use building services which require the openings to be upto almost 75% of depth of beams. Rigorous research is carried out on the load carrying capacity of structures having beams with web openings. Experiments have been performed and numerical analyses have been carried out to determine the effectiveness of such beams. This review endeavours to present the research in a collective manner with particular emphasis on behaviour of steel I beams with openings of various shapes under shear and flexure.

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