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Choice of Type of R C Slab Floors for Construction of Multi-Storied Buildings

Author : Sanjay B Borghate 1 Dr R. K. Ingle 2

Date of Publication :9th March 2017

Abstract: In construction of a multi-storey building while assessing the structural cost, it is evident that the bulk of the expenses is utilised for the floor slab construction. Hence the overall budget of a structure depends on the efficiency and expenditure of the floor slab system. Efficacy of the design and structural layout depends upon the quality of the material used, where as the actual cost of the structure may depends on factors such as speed of construction, availability of labour, competitive tendering, local market conditions, and equipment and cost of construction finance. Choice of the floor is very important for a building to meet the needs of major financial occupiers in today’s market. In this paper, the different types of RC slab floor systems and their advantages and disadvantages are discussed.

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