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Development of Scoring System for Seismic Vulnerability Assessment of Indian Model Building Types

Author : Shital J. Ingole 1 Dr. Ratnesh Kumar 2

Date of Publication :22nd March 2017

Abstract: In order to reduce subjectivity in quick seismic vulnerability assessment a scoring system is used. The general procedure of seismic vulnerability assessment using scoring method requires the building to satisfy a Basic Structural Hazard (BSH) score, below which advanced analysis is required to be performed. A BSH score reflects the estimated likelihood of collapse of the building subjected to the maximum considered earthquake ground motions for the region. Development of scoring system is a complex procedure involving various parameters related to structural vulnerability and anticipated hazards. Different Model Building Types (MBT) possess different structural capabilities for resisting earthquake force, consequently, the BSH score differs for different MBT’s. Therefore, it is essential to identify MBTs based on its seismic resistance and develop scoring system for the same. Well established scoring system for buildings of United States has been developed by FEMA-155 based on detailed structural evaluation. However, for Indian MBTs only a few scoring system have been proposed and are primarily based on expert opinion rather than strong mathematical procedure. In present paper it is endeavored to develop score for Indian model building types. The present paper provides methodology to develop the BSH score for Indian MBTs by considering one model building type i.e. Concrete Moment frame (CM1). Further, the proposed procedure can be used to develop BSH score for other Indian MBTs.

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