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Call For Paper : Vol 11, Issue 05, May 2024
Effective Width Calculation of Cold Formed Section As Per IS-801 And Comparison With AISI-2007

Author : Sumegh S. Patne 1 Dr. Anant M. Pande 2 Dr. Ramesh Megharajani 3

Date of Publication :8th March 2017

Abstract: Buildings built using cold-formed sections as primary members (frames) and secondary members (purlins) offers a viable alternative solutions for wide range applications of social sectors like housing, education etc. Design of cold formed sections has obvious complexity in view of buckling of sections vis-à-vis stress in the compression element, especially in flexure. In this study, using IS801 equations, effective section properties of C section are calculated for wide range of configurations with different b/t ratios for flange subjected to maximum allowable stress. These section properties are used to evolve optimum frame configurations for various wind zones of the country. Study also presents simple design tools and few standard cold formed sections having similar configuration but for thickness to be used for residential or community shelters for different wind zones. A recourse is made to compare the results with similar studies using AISI code

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