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Effect of Modified Provisions of IS 1893 (Part 2):2014,on Design Base Shear of Elevated Water Tanks

Author : Suraj O. Lakhade 1 Dr. Ratnesh Kumar 2 Dr. O. R. Jaiswal 3

Date of Publication :8th March 2017

Abstract: Elevated water tanks are essentially present in public water distribution systems. These tanks are regarded as lifeline structure due to their post-earthquake importance, which necessitates stringent code requirements for their seismic analysis and design. Recently BIS (Bureau of Indian Standards) has revised the provisions for seismic design of water tanks and published IS 1893 (Part 2):2014 which has significant modifications compared to the old code (IS 1893:1984). These revisions are largely based on IITK-GSDMA Guidelines (2007). However, some of the provisions in IS 1893 (Part 2):2014, particularly those related to response reduction factor and usage of 1-DOF and 2-DOF models need critical examination. In this paper, the main provisions of IS 1893 (Part 2):2014 are discussed.

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