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Effect of Brick Infill on Seismic Response of Building

Author : Suyog Dhanwade 1 Swapnali Naik 2 And [3]Deepak Goel 3

Date of Publication :15th March 2017

Abstract: Due to rapidly growing population, it is inevitable to construct multistory buildings and this calls for more and more space for parking. Generally, this requirement is met by introducing parking at ground floor and hence it is not possible to construct the brick walls to enclose ground floor completely. Similar situation is also observed while providing the refuge areas at intermediate floors for fire escape. This feature is called as soft storey and past records demonstrates that building with soft storey performed poorly during earthquake. Main reason behind the failure of building with soft storey, during earthquake is sudden change in stiffness, which causes excessive shear on the columns in soft storey. Hence, it is very much important to study the effects of soft storey on response of building. Further, appropriate care shall be taken during design to eliminate the effects of soft storey. Although, various researchers has studied this phenomenon and recommended the remedial measures, but the modeling techniques adopted for modeling brick infill is always questionable. Hence, it becomes important to study this phenomenon with more detailed considerations to empirical time period formulas proposed in IS1893 Part 1: 2002. Considering above facts, study has been carried out using G+7 building model, to validate the empirical time period formula proposed in IS1893 Part 1: 2002. Further, effect of soft storey on seismic response of building is also evaluated by considering G+7 building with soft storey at GF, 2nd Floor, 4th Floor & 6th Floor respectively.

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