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Productivity Improvement Of Furniture Industry By Using Time Study Method

Author : Deepak Bhat 1 Nitin Sawarkar 2 Pratik Shende 3 Shubham Raut 4 Saurabh Raut 5

Date of Publication :8th March 2017

Abstract: Today, every organization has one aim is to increase the productivity and increasing the demand of product in market. But the problem is that there are many competitor in market they are manufacturing same product because of that every manufacturing industries are now facing challenges. To deal this challenges industry has work for improving the productivity with the improvement in quality of production, reducing the cost of product or at the same cost increase the number of product or production rate. To execute all of these efficiently time study is one of the crucial operation need to perform. The work carried out on the panel saw machine for cutting operation to cut the number of sheet. The work focuses on the industry productivity improvement with the astute use of time study technique mixed with modern soft skills.

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