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Call For Paper : Vol 11, Issue 05, May 2024
Planning and Design Challenges of Smart Cities

Author : Ar. Mrunal Gaikwad 1 Ar. Saurabh Paliwal 2 Ar. Nikhil Wasade 3

Date of Publication :15th March 2017

Abstract: Smart city program is a motivated project of Government of India. It aims to facilitate the latest smart technology and infrastructure in our cities. As such, there is no universally accepted definition of a smart city. The concept of smart city varies from place to place and city to city depending on the level of development, willingness to change and reform, adapt & innovate, resources and aspirations of the city residents. There is a lot of migration from rural areas to cities, due to lack of educational facilities, economic & employment opportunities and a good quality of life. However, due to rapid urbanization the existing cities are becoming unlivable and unable to cope with increasing pressure on existing infrastructure, and the smart city concept offers opportunities to rise to these planning and designing challenges, solve urban problems and provide a decent quality of life to its citizens. These cities would take advantage of technology for offering more planned and generous living environment for its citizens with a smart physical, social, institutional and economic infrastructure. This paper addresses the basic Planning and Design Challenges of Smart Cities with its component and applicability in areas based infrastructure development.

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