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Enhancement in Process Capability to Improve the Quality of the Boring Process as Smart Manufacturing by Theoretical Approach

Author : Sachin B. Patil 1 Dr. Bhimlesh Kumar 2 Dr. Rahul Lodha 3

Date of Publication :15th March 2017

Abstract: Quality has become one of the most important consumer decision factors in the selection among competing products and processes. The quality of conformance is how well the product conforms to the specifications required by the design. The quality can be measured in terms of Process Capability defined as the index of which the process is capable of producing mass products with certain specifications. However, for every product there is certain limits for design, manufacturing and aesthetics. The limit of manufacturing for producing accurate dimensional products may called as specification limits. These limits denote the end criteria for the batch production. The approach presented here is to define the meaning of quality and the influence of process capability on batch production. The literature provided for the quality and process capability are useful to study the behavior of the processes under batch production. Certain charts have discussed here to understand the Boring Process

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