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Implementation and Continues Monitoring of 5S Principles adapted to Developing city Roads Using Android application Based solution

Author : Anjappa N 1 Prof. Anand Badiger 2

Date of Publication :19th April 2017

Abstract: Cities are integrated with Transportation system which forms the major part. The roads in India are to be particularly monitored for its long time sustainability. The improvement of Road conditions in India can be done using the 5S principles (Seiri, Seaton, Seiso, Seiketsu, and Shinseki) which are most popular power tool of lean thinking and a cornerstone of any successful Implementation for long time sustainability. This paper represents the continuous monitoring of roads using an IoT (InternetofThings)based application called “Smart city Developers”, the application developed is feed with the data through sensors present in the pipelines adopted to the Roads and this data analyzed is used to monitor the Road condition for its long time sustainabilit

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