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Optimization of Steel Tap to Tap Time at Basic Oxygen Furnace Shop

Author : Santhosh kumar K J 1 Irappa Sogalad 2

Date of Publication :21st April 2017

Abstract: All industries mainly concentrate on increasing the quality of its products and increasing its profit. The profit can be increased by using various strategies; one of such strategies is increasing the productivity of the plant. The industry where the project work has been carried out is one of the leading steel producing industries in India. In steel making industries, increasing the productivity can be done by various means; one of such is reducing the steel tap to tap time (cycle time) at basic oxygen furnace shops. Cycle time is the total time from the beginning to the end of any process which includes process time, during which a unit is acted upon to bring it closer to an output, delay time, during which a unit of work is spent waiting to take the next action and sometimes maintenance operations. The main goal of the project is to minimise the Cycle time which in turn increases the productivity. The project has been carried out in three steps. First step is to understand the actual processes and delays present in a cycle and the time taken by these processes. The next step is to collect the data regarding the time taken by the actual processes, maintenance operations and the delays in between the actual processes. In this step data were taken for about 100 heats. In the final step the data taken are analyzed and where the maximum delays occurring are identified. The special attention is given to maintenance operation timings that to carry out some of them simultaneously which will reduce average cycle time.

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