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Intelligent Control of Sensor Based Robotic System

Author : Rajesh Babu 1 2

Date of Publication :3rd March 2017

Abstract: With the advent of computers in the field of programmable automation, control of production process has assumed new dimensions. As a matter of fact, robot is indispensible in such production systems. Effective control of such systems requires special sensory devices to interact with the environment in a more meaningful and flexible manner. To achieve this objective, factory of future should imbibe human intelligence at all levels of manufacturing, particularly robot motion/force control. This will result in improved product quality and hence customer satisfaction. Online feedback of sensory information is the basis for the development of more intelligent robot that comes closer to the performance of human arms. This information when coupled with new control strategies will definitely guide the robot to perform its intended function with highest accuracy and precision. But in such complex systems as in robotic system, it is often difficult to coordinate sensory information with the control task. This is due to the undesirable feedback delays or fundamental sensor limitations. Against this backdrop, the present work focuses on toying with the idea of exploring new control strategies namely “Intelligent Control Approaches” that refer both to the control design approach or philosophy and to implementation techniques that emulate certain characteristics of intelligent biological systems

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