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Sustainable Machining of Fe-Al Mechanical Alloy using PCBN Tool Inserts

Author : D Srinivas Rao 1 A Krishnaiah 2 Y Krishna 3 Syed Adil 4

Date of Publication :6th March 2017

Abstract: Ferro-Aluminium Mechanical Alloy (Fe-Al MA) is emerging as a popular choice in material selection for critical applications, owing to its favorable versatile attributes. But the metal in bulk form suffers from poor machinability resulting in expensive machining and lesser productivity. In the current work, this drawback is addressed through a sustainable solution obtained from a series of machining experiments to recognize the best suitable cutting parameters using PCBN tool inserts. It recommends that machining of Fe-Al specimen at optimum cutting parameters enhances tool-life significantly and marginally improves productivity and machining economy. Experimental validation of the process outcomes is further carried out to confirm the genuineness of the approach.

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