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International Journal of Engineering Research in Computer Science and Engineering (IJERCSE)

Monthly Journal for Computer Science and Engineering

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International Journal of Engineering Research in Mechanical and Civil Engineering (IJERMCE)

Monthly Journal for Mechanical and Civil Engineering

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Volume10, April-2023

Interceptor Impact on the Step Planing Hull: A Computational Investigation

Authors : Serliana Yulianti || Iqbal Hibni Riqwan, Jefri Tanjung Wibisono, Sunho Park.
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Design and Development of Powertrain for Front Wheel Drive Electric Tadpole

Authors : Sameer Joshi || Uday Kumar MS, Samartha S, Sai Sampath Goutham Jangala, S.S Patil.
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Influence of Cooling Methods in Friction Stir Welding of 7075 Aluminum Alloy

Authors : Paisan Saeyang || Amarin Chanpariyavatevong, Kodcharawit Lamkham, Somsak Siwadamrongpong, Suradet Tantrairatn.
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