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International Journal of Engineering Research in Computer Science and Engineering (IJERCSE)

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International Journal of Engineering Research in Mechanical and Civil Engineering (IJERMCE)

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Call For Paper : Vol. 9, Issue 5 2022

Volume3, June-2016

Pedal Operated Water Pumping System

Authors : Madhukesha || Madesh.M, Mahadevaiah.A, Anil Kumar. D,Balaji.V
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Study of Mechanical Behaviour of Aluminium Alloy with Alumina and Bamboo Leaf Ash Reinforcement

Authors : Dr. P L Srinivasa Murthy || Ganapati Hegde,Karthick S,Mithun H,Mohd Shahid Sharif
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Finite Elemental Analysis of Rolling Process Using AFDEX: A Methodology

Authors : Hemant Pati || SwapnilRamani, Dr. P.L. Srinivasa Murthy,Dr. B.N. Sarada,Anurag Singh
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The Effect of Heat Treatment on Tensile and Hardness Properties of Al 6061 under T6 Condition

Authors : Shivakumara.P || Dr.P.L Sreenivas Murthy,Dr.B.N Sharada,Dr.K.S Badarinarayan
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Evaluation of Stress Intensity Factor for Pressure Loading In Cryogenic Tanks in Launch Vehicles

Authors : Vimal Kumar R || L J Kirthan,Ramakrishna Hegde,Premanand S,Girish Kumar. R
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OPTO - Mechanical Design of Imaging Infrared System

Authors : Parsha Shiva || J.Anjaneyulu, Dr.S.Satyavathi
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Effect of Charcoal and Paddy Husk on Engineering Properties of Bricks

Authors : Divyashree S || Pruthvi Jagadish,Shashank J M,Praveen Patil,Dr. Sudev L J
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Lab VIEW Based Control of Water Distribution Networks

Authors : Aruna M V || Sridharakumar Narasimhan,Saurabh Sahadev
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Analyzing the Effect of Various Piston Bowl Geometries on the Different Parameters of Engine

Authors : Varahagiri V S J Bhaskar || Dr.Mohammad Israr,Dr.D.Maruthi Rao,Riyaj Y. Mujawar, Sudhakar P. Wankhade
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